Bourbon Rain

look at here now People are often surprised to hear I attended the University of Alabama. Without a convertible BMW, collection of large hair bows or clue about sorority affiliations, I didn’t fit in with the female demographic at the old Southern school.

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rencontre citoyenne People are even more surprised to find that I went for an actual education, and not to watch the Crimson Tide roll up and down the field. Even for a girl who grew up a football family, in Pittsburgh, during the Steelers’ 70s Super Bowl reign, I found football culture at Alabama overwhelming. While walking back from class before the first home game, I passed the cemetery near my freshman dorm. A grave marked “Strickland”— the one closest to Bryant-Denny stadium—was decorated with red and white balloons, bearing a big sign that read “Strick says Roll Tide!”

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kennenlernen 7. klasse Bama pride cannot be killed. Even by death itself.

The South shall rise again. My hair, on the other hand, will never be this high again.

original site The South shall rise again. My hair, on the other hand, will never be this high again.

frau sucht mann mit fotos People are downright shocked that I attended just three football games during my four-year stay in Tuscaloosa. (I sold my student tickets and used the money to call my long-distance love in Indiana.) And if you’d asked me last week if I had any memories from those games, I would have said no. But then Dom and I made grilled lemonade cocktails, and the second that bourbon hit my tongue, I was 21 again and back at Bryant-Denny with four seconds to go in the fourth quarter. The Tide made a last-second, game saving play, grown men cried and the whole crowd threw their cups in the air. In amazement, I looked up …  and got my first mouthful of bourbon.


Have yourself a sip—and get a great recipe for grilled lemonade—in this feature I wrote for Dom’s men’s lifestyle site, Jeans & Ties.



  1. That recipe sounds awesome! I’m going to have to try it.

  2. All of this is fascinating to me….including the amount of effort you and Dom are willing to put into a cocktail. But nothing fascinates me more than your hair in that photo!! (Apparently the time and effort you previously devoted to your hair is now devoted to alcoholic beverages.).

    • danny bonvissuto says:

      Oh I’d say I devote equal time to my hair and cocktail making, which is to say none in general, except on special occasions. You would not believe the amount of perm solution and White Rain involved in making that stuff stand up.

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