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Like Laura herself, Mrs. Millie is a grade school teacher. On page after page, she cracks her class up, telling the kids to hang up their “goats and bats” instead of their coats and hats and reminding them to eat their “quackers and parrots” instead of their crackers and carrots. Just when I thought Mrs. Millie was silly enough to get me through the entire book without blubbering, we got to the last page.


As I’ve mentioned before, Laura loved butterflies, and those of us who miss her use them to symbolize her since she died. The entire last page was covered in them.


When we’re ready to leave, our teacher goes to the door. “Butterfly, children.”

“No, Mrs. Millie,” we shout. “You don’t mean butterfly. You mean good-bye.”

Mrs. Millie laughs. We laugh too.

“Butterfly, Mrs. Millie. See you gator!”


And here come the waterworks.


If author Anne Lamott is right—and she usually is—there are three essential prayers: Help, Thanks and Wow. I spend a lot of my life wearing out the first one, but this book let me live between the last two for awhile. It had traveled from northern California to Tennessee to southern California and is headed back to Tennessee and into the hands of a young lady who’s going to appreciate this gift a lot more the second time around.



How To Get Viagra Prescription in Allentown Pennsylvania, Buy Viagra 150 mg in Norfolk Virginia

  1. Marye Pat Skinner says:

    Thanks, Danny. Laura was one of a kind and you showed that once again. Beautiful. Merry Christmas to your family.

  2. Sandy Koentop says:

    Love this story. It touches my heart. Thanks for sharing your heart. Blessings to you and your family.

  3. nancy murphy says:

    Simply beautiful! It never ceases to amaze me where and when Laura”s butterflies make an appearance.

  4. Lucy Bonvissuto says:

    As always Danny, you nailed ! When you asked me last nite if it would be alright to print it, I couldn’t find the words to tell you how much your writing means to me….. You have a way of capturing Laura’s spirit and letting people know what she was all about…… Thank you, thank you…..

  5. Teresa Zucchet says:

    Such a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing it with all of us and reminding us during this hectic time of year just how precious life and what is truly important.

  6. Katherine Dirga says:

    Could you give me some kind of “wear waterproof mascara” heads-up before these blog posts about Laura? Wadded up starbucks napkins to the rescue. Beautiful remembrance, thanks.

  7. cynthia tenisci says:

    Thanks Danny. Beautifully written. Just might want to buy that book for my 9 year grandson. So nice remembering Laura.

  8. What a great legacy. As long as books and butterflies take flight Laura’s presence will always in in the air. Nice job.

  9. Oh the waterworks!!! Why do I check my email so early in the morning?!? That was a good one though and a nice reminder of real priorities as I head out to do more Christmas errands today.

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