Frock Bottom Last Christmas, Dom gave me something so simultaneously horrible and wonderful that I spent most of the morning crying in my bedroom. A box of Kleenex later, I realized it’d make one hell of a story.

Butterfly, Children

my response More than four years after her death, my sister-in-law Laura is still sending presents. A story about how one book became a very special gift for three people.

Dear Wiggly

Learn More Sometimes the most important stories are written for an audience of one. One laptop, one box of Kleenex and two mothers determined to keep their sons alive the only way they can.

Pushing Fervently

about his God knows I’m not usually connected enough to see the signs He puts in my path, so when I am, He makes them pretty clear. Sometimes they’re even actual signs.

BaconFest Sure, pork products are overplayed right now. But that doesn’t mean a backyard bacon party—featuring the world’s most irresistible dip—should go unattended.

Bourbon Rain Writing a feature about grilled lemonade cocktails for Dom’s site brought back an old memory about my first taste of bourbon at an Alabama football game. Read this … then read that.

Oh My Gourd

911 rencontres Remember the time I buckled under Halloween décor pressure and bought the only ugly thing Pottery Barn has ever sold?

Rise and Shine

official statement Ever received a sign from above that a loved one is loving you? How a butterfly balloon turned grief into gratitude on the third anniversary of my sister-in-law’s death.

Love at First Cite I collect quotes like other people collect cows, souvenir shot glasses or those creepy Willow Tree figurines with no faces. The story behind my stacks of sticky notes in today’s Nashville Scene.

Careers and Corn Dip How writing sex ads and waiting tables scored me my first real job in journalism. A recipe for success, a recipe for corn dip and a fond farewell to the daily paper that started it all.