Love at First Cite

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“I heard him in the backyard, so I lifted up the bedroom window,” she said, leaning in for emphasis. “Then I yelled ‘Hey you son of a bitch, I have a gun. You want the bullet in your ear or up your ass?”


And right then it struck me: This woman and these words won’t be here forever—write them down before you forget. Since then, I’ve collected quotes like other people collect cows, souvenir shot glasses or those creepy Willow Tree figurines with no faces.


Different quotes have been important to me during various stages of my life, which is the one thing (besides pain) that keeps me from tattooing them all over my body. In this week’s Nashville Scene, I share a few of my favorite quotes from poets, friends, philosophers and characters on TV crime dramas.





  1. Love the article! Glad you listened to Marla. 🙂

  2. Great article….I love your quotes …….. Of course, I did tell Dom virtually the same thing after our 1st dinner with you….. ” I like her, date her, it’s not like you have to marry her!!!! And we are glad he did..

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